This book aims to documenting the Data Food Consortium standard. You will find context information, and some more detailed specifications about the semantic and technical standards.
This standard mainly aims at facilitating cooperation and mutualisation within the food distribution system. But the use of it can be extended, as local buying groups don't only sell food, and it seems that classical distribution channels might also fit within the business model description of the standard.
The book will then be divided into 3 parts:
  • ​Semantic Specifications to explain a bit more what was our approach building DFC ontologies.
  • ​Technical Specifications to describe the different technical layer we decided to use and how they interact with each other.
  • ​Prototype Specifications to show how we build an implementation of the standard aside and how it helps to iterate on its construction.
If you want to access more general information about the Data Food Consortium, we invite you to take a look the DFC website: Here you will understand the objectives of the Data Food Consortium, the partners of the project, the way to contact the DFC team, ...
Enjoy, use, share, and join the consortium !
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