Libraries to develop in semantic

A question was raised about the existence of mature libraries in different programming languages ​​to manage semantic data in SPARQL. Are there open-source libraries and code sample in the different languages ​​to query and process web-semantics? As it can exist for OpenAPI where there are libraries that can generate code samples.

There would be libraries in almost all languages, but these are more or less mature. In javascript in particular, the standardization is taking place, RDF-JS.. The situation is that with SPARQL it is more difficult that with OpenAPI or Graphql, who invest a lot of money for the community, and thus also finance the libraries that will interact with these standards. The libraries around SPARQL are more "fresh paint", less documented, more difficult to setup.

There is a risk, and to check by each of the actors, so that it does not generate too much pain.

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