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The deliverables we produce are shared on Github. Feel free to fork and to propose changes with pull requests!

>>> Access to the semantic specification (ontology, including machine readable owl files)

>>> Access to this present documentation including the technical specification

>>> Access to the prototype code


Until now we use three licences for these deliverables:

  • CC-BY-ND : for the articles we publish. We authorize anyone to share and use, even commercially, what we publish. But if you want to modify it, we want you to join the consortium and do it with us so we cooperate and cocreate, improve, together. So you can't distribute modified versions of it.

  • AGPL 3 : for the ontology and technical standard. We are happy for you to modify it but if you do we want your production to remain in the commons sphere. Ideally we invite you to join the consortium and improve the current version with us!

  • MIT : for the prototype. It is very permissive, you can do whatever you want with the code of the prototype, even build commercial applications. As we want as many people to use the standard and build applications on it, we don't want to put any barrier to it.

If you are an expert in licences and want to advice us, please contact us!

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