Why we need a standard?

The problems are:

  • Multiple duplication of production information by producers, and inability to seamlessly manage stock

  • Difficulty to adopt a big data approach and build new services due to data incompatibility (ex: logistics)

The objective is:

  • To enable producers to seamlessly manage their product and inventory catalog while selling their products through multiple channels using multiple platforms.

  • To enable the development of shared logistics solutions using logistic information from all the platforms in use.

  • To allow the implementation of interoperable management tools allowing for example a producer to generate integrated reports gathering sales data from different platforms

  • To allow the reporting or visualization (via maps for instance) of data coming from multiple platforms.

  • To allow actors with different business models and technologies to work together without changing their way of working and tools.

  • Etc.

For this we need:

  • That the data follows a shared semantic standard so that it can be shared from one actor to another even if the actors have different data models, speak different languages.

  • To be able to link the data to unique identifiers allowing their reconciliation when necessary (eg unique product identifier, unique company identifier, unique person identifier, unique place identifier)

  • An architecture allowing this ecosystem to work in a decentralized manner, including the areas of identification/authentication, segmentation of the API on high or low granularity service logic, etc.