Appendix 3. Practical Examples

Get Data linked to Connected Users

  • No specification for url syntax

  • Requests have to fill Authorization Header with JWT OIDC Token obtained thanks to application.

  • Basic authentification

    • Server has to validate token thanks to signature and parse token to obtain preferred_username.

    • This preferred_username can be linked to the Platform User. To link OIDC User and Platform User, platforms can add OIDC authentification feature.

  • Outdated Token

    • If token is outdated, platforms can refuse request.

    • If platforms have to request another (DFC or Other) and receive outaded input token, Platforms can remember refresh token (when OIDC authentication features execution) and ask new access with a specific request.

Get examples from all format versions

As we developed the DFC Standard aside the DFC Prototype, we had to tweak the data format with the standard evolution.