Taxonomy enrichment

All Taxonomy files are stored and maintained through VOCbench.

The DFC Vocbench instance can be accessed here. To update any Taxon list maintained by the DFC team, you will need to register an account on the server and request access to the relevant project from the admin.

The Projects (and lists) are:

  • ProductType

Covering the Product Type hierarchy utilized for categorising products (Defined, Theoretical & Physical).

  • Facets (detailing the remaining Product facets)

    • Certification

    Any certification label that is applicable to the product (e.g. Organic, A.O.C. etc...).

    • Part type

    Details if the product part of a plant, animal or other

    • Containers

    Type of package the product is held in

    • Natural Origin

    The origin of the product within the natural world (e.g. plant, animal, algae, mineral etc...)

    • Nutritional/Health Claims

    Any nutritional or health claim associated with the product (e.g. Gluten Free, Vegan, Hallal, Kosher etc...). N.B. Organic status is covered by Certification

    • Geographic Origin

    The country, region or place of origin of the product.

  • Measures

    • Dimensions

      • Labeling

      Covers numeric scores added to products (e.g. Eco-score, Nutri-score)

      • Nutrients

      Nutritional components (e.g. Fat, Protein, Iron, Magnesium etc...)

      • Physical dimensions

      Height, depth, volume etc...

    • Units

      • Currency

      • Quantity

      • Temperature

  • Vocabulary

Contains enumerated lists that do not fit into other areas (e.g. Order States, Transformation Types)

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