Platform Notifcations

Platform Notifications for DFC Standard Changes

The DFC strives to ensure no-one using our standard is unduly impacted by changes as we enrich and develop the standard. We will undertake the following measures to ensure this:

  1. We will utilise deprecated flags & sameAS, where possible, to ensure any changes are non-breaking.

  2. We will follow semantic versioning, so any breaking changes should constitute a major version change.

  3. We will support 2 major versions with any urgent patch/fixpack changes.

  4. We will maintain an open register of platforms utilising the standard who will be informed of all changes and consulted on Major changes.

  5. We will notify of all changes via our DFC-Releases mailing list.

Platform Register

Platforms implementing the DFC standard are encouraged to actively participate in our ongoing community-driven development process, register on our Slack workspace and join our regular calls.

We maintain a register of platforms that are implementing our standard in our Standard Repository. You can add your details to this file via a PR or open an issue in the Standard Repository.

Notification of Changes

All registered platforms will be notified, via the details in the Platforms Register, of all changes according to the schedules agreed in the relevant change processes:

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